Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jonathan Saunders A/W 11

At Jonathan Saunders we saw elegant pencil skirts, bold prints and energetic colour clashing- one of my favourite shows of the fall.

I love the print on the skirt and tops, the sheer shirt is elegant and feminine, and the pencil skirts create beautiful silhouettes. I like the way the designer used bold prints and clashing colours in these looks.

Again I love the use of bold colours, i like the way the designer clashed the blues and brown on the left, and the different tones of red on the right. I also love the elegant pencil skirts, cut to just below the knee in a 1940's style.

  i like the masculine tailoring in these looks, i love the preppy suit on the left, sinched in with a simple brown belt. i also love the black and white brogue style heels! i like the material used in these two looks, the oversized red blazer is really masculine and looks great contrasted with a feminine pencil skirt and peep toe heels.

Again i love this print. I love the way it appears to "grow" from the waist up to the shoulders, and down the hips. I like the way the designer used nude on the dress on the left, it really adds to the idea of the print "growing" over the models skin. The red and black work well together, the way the print is red reminds me of the red and orange leaves that fall off the trees in Autumn, as if they fell of the trees and magically fastened to the models skin forming a dress.

I adore this maroon colour, the look on the right is one of my favourites from the show, the maroon works really well contrasted against the teal and electric blue. i also like the way the designer contrasted the matt and shiny fabrics. Again the pencil skirt creates a gorgeous silhouette and finishes at an elegant and flattering length (any longer would finish at the widest part of the calf and be very unflattering)

please comment and let me know what you think of the collection
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  1. i love the wall paper-y prints and clashing color blocking! the whole collection is brilliant

  2. Thanks for your comment ! :) I love your blog !

  3. I'm loving the bold colours and your blog I hope that we can follow each other! check me out if u wish!

  4. I love this show! The colors and clean lines are really dynamic. Please check out my blog
    I actually looked up your website after I saw you comment on fashiontoast <3


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