Saturday, 13 August 2011



I'm seeing maroon everywhere at the moment, and it's definitely one the main colours I will be wearing this winter. This warm hue is perfect for A/W, it reminds me of the colour of the leaves when they fall off the trees, or mulled wine on a cold winter night. Here are a few things I've seen that are perfect for Autumn, I have my eye on some maroon skinny jeans, and I've completely fallen in love with the PS11! But obviously don't go head to toe, you don't want to look like someone's just drenched you in red wine!


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! haha, so glad i stumbled upon it. Love your style.
    My fave is the maroon jeans, i want some deep red skinnies. x

  2. oh and i'm following you now :)

  3. i loveee you blog is very cutee¡¡¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)


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